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Busy Lockdown times at Rhubarb cottages, Village sunsets HQ

Andy's solo projects are coming to fruition;

- The internationalist (world grooves) album 'on my travels' is ready. If the vinyl can be made in time, itshould be out for xmas (hopefully 1st dec). Taster/Single 'Euro Pop Ska!' is out 11th Sept as a digital release on all platforms and can be streamed on this site.

- The Free Traditionalist (ambient music project on life in Forvie) suite of songs 'Forvie Lullabies' is having part 1 released digitially on 1st nov. But is immediately available on bandcamp - link on this site.

The Fonsecas released a lockdown track for free! called 'Joy' on this website and bandcamp only. please help yourself.

The Oxbows are playing around with remote recording!!! Not that successfully!

And an idea for a compilation called 'Doric Sunsets' with links to Aberdeenshire, is coming to the fore.


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