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The Internationalist

The internationalist is a new studio and remix project, based loosely around world/vintage dance music, by Andy of The Oxbow Lake Band ("Very very good indeed" Paul Jones BBC radio 2. "A banger! And it's great!" Craig Charles bbc6music radio funk and soul show. "Cool Grooves" Shindig Magazine. "Funky bunch of chaps, we like that" Jazz house bbc radio Scotland.).

2023 sees The Internationalist (with the help of Queen McBean's vocal chords!) release a (Far?) Northern Soul unabashed Christmas record; "It's Christmas!" .
General release on 3rd November

Andy says:
"We've grown up with Xmas songs and I was particularly fond of the Motown Xmas album. Here I'm indulging in that same sentimentality (and hopefully not too much cheese.... Ehm...surely we all love a bit of cheese at xmas!?) and even with a reference to Yule and the solstice for the pagans out there! Have a crackin Christmas/Yule/Solstice one and all! xx"

pssst! It's only being released digitally. You can listen here (see player above) or see the links below to spotify, apple music etc. 

cover it's christmas.jpeg

Andy and Fi (Queen) McBean are both from the Highland Town of Nairn, which lies on the sunny inner Moray Firth coast, where the video was made. One of the driest and sunniest towns in the UK, but with little snow (these days) we thought we'd add our own bit of mid-winter magic!


Fi McBean is an amazing artist in her own right, an original punk, with a John Peel session under her belt and years of bringing her own special magic to the stage and artwork. And she has just become a Granma!


Thanks also to the wonderful support group of; Andy Lewis for production, Kenny McKenzie for bass, my daughter Rhiannon for the video, Jason for the artwork, my family for supporting me and all those people who encouraged me. Cheers Andy xx


It's Christmas Lyrics;


We hope your consumed by Christmas cheer

And we’re wishing you a happy new year


It’s time to look forward and also reminisce

While the days pass the winter solstice


Let’s make hope and joy be the theme of the day

And push all last years worries far, far away.


We hope you’re home on Christmas night

And your yule fires are burning so bright


If you’re travelling on Christmas eve

Put on the xmas hits as you leave 



Internationalists (or Modernists) were a loose group of aspiring youths, who in the late 50’s and 60’s discovered the coolest in global culture, whether;

• The best global music (from the states rising black music of the blues, jazz and soul or latin or Jamaican Ska etc.)

• The coolest clothes from the past or the present

• The most accessible 2 wheel transport in the form of Italian scooters

• And generally anything of a certain good taste


" This open mindedness to culture, regardless of international barriers, has always inspired me and the ability to assimilate cultures, into a groups or individuals perceptions of good taste. 

Thanks. Andy xxx"

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