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Euro Pop Ska! is a summer taster for the upcoming album 'on my travels'.


If you hit 'Get album' on the player it will give you a list of platforms to listen/buy such as spotify, itunes, bandcamp etc.


Also a DIY pop comic video is in the player xxx

"I was in France listening to local radio (when I wrote this tune) and thought it could sound like those cheesy Euro pop radio hits, like you heard in European holiday resorts in the 80’s, trying to combine the new hip sound with their euro pop style! This track is therefore for you, if you pine for those pre-lockdown European summer holidays of hot beaches or hotter mountains, euro pop radio being blasted out of theme bars, 70’s postcards, cabaret nights, quirky interpretations of popular music genres and apres ski alpine resorts. Ha! Enjoy xxx"

The internationalist is a new studio and remix project, based loosely around global sounds, by Andy from The Oxbow Lake Band (regulars on the scottish festival/venue circuit, bbc6 music funk n soul, radio 2 blues shows, shindig mag etc)

In these difficult and dark times, The Internationalist has been busy in the studio bringing some colour and tongue in cheek optimism, by providing a journey of musical escapes.

The first release from the Internationalist will be an album called 'On my travels' (due for release in 2020) and has mashed up world music influences (gathered while travelling) and subjected them to pop and soulful melodies and Technicolor sound filters.



Internationalists (or Modernists) were a loose group of aspiring youths, who in the late 50’s and 60’s discovered the coolest in global culture, whether;
• The best global music (from the states rising black music of the blues, jazz and soul or latin or Jamaican Ska etc.)
• The coolest clothes from the past or the present
• The most accessible 2 wheel transport in the form of Italian scooters
• And generally anything of a certain good taste

This open mindedness to culture, regardless of international barriers, has always inspired me and the ability to assimilate cultures, into a groups or individuals perceptions of good taste.





internationalist album poster small.jpg
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